Here you find a variety of videos that help you to gain insights on important packaging topics.

Video “Demand for food-safe packaging adhesives on the rise”

The range of applications served by adhesives is broad indeed, with many forms of food packaging included in the list. Henkel’s recently...

Topics: Food safety , packaging adhesives

Video “Tutorial Video”

Learn more about our Food Safe Packaging Portal Europe: take part in interactive webinars, watch videos of our dedicated food safety...

Topics: Food safe packaging , adhesive brands , packaging glossary

Video “Technical Customer Service”

Our experts from the Technical Service talk about the support and consultancy aimed to optimize your packaging processes and to enhance performance.

Topics: Process optimization , technical service , equipment testing

Video “Product Management”

Our Product Management team introduces Henkel’s adhesive solutions for flexible packaging, paper converting, end of line, labeling, tissue & towel, and pressure sensitive adhesives.

Topics: food packaging , low migration , packaging adhesives

Video “Product Development”

Our experts from the Product Development provide insights into raw material quality, important steps during the adhesive development, and the formulation process.

Topics: Raw material , formulation , adhesive development , packaging

Video “Corporate Scientific Services”

Our analytical and toxicological experts talk about topics such as product analysis, risk assessment, quality standards, data gathering and research.

Topics: Food contact materials , toxicological risk assessment , migration testing

Video “Product Safety”

Our Product Safety team gives explanations on health and safety aspects relating to Henkel’s products and raw materials and provides an overview about food contact legislation.

Topics: Raw material , food contact legislation , food safety and health